"Playfair is one of the most effective student participatory events that we have used during orientation.

Our first year students arrive nervous, a bit frightened and alone or with a small circle of students, the majority leave confident, excited and energized with an attitude to interact with their fellow students.”

John B. Young
Fanshawe College
Student Union

"Playfair is an integral part of our student orientation at UTM for more than 10 years and they are highly recommended!"

Ken Duncliffe,Director,
Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation
University of Toronto at Mississauga


"Playfair has been the corner stone of our McMaster Welcome Week for many years. The program provides an electrified atmosphere that leaves our students charged and excited about their new life at McMaster

Jayson Duggan
MSU Campus Programmer
McMaster University

“It has become a tradition to utilize Playfair to start off Algoma University’s frosh week! Playfair is a fantastic way to encourage participation and team building in a unique and entertaining way!”

Karen Bailey,
Student Services Advisor,
Algoma University

Playfair helps the college and the first-year students to set the momentum for the rest of the school year. The activities are interactive, non-threatening and inclusive.
The set-up for the event is minimum and it's a terrific way to include student leaders and staff together in an event that promotes all the values that go with an academically "healthy" community."

Laiman Chan
Orientation Coordinator
St. Clair College

"We book Playfair every year for frosh week and it never lets us down. The students rave about having such a great time and getting a chance to meet about a thousand other people!

Matt Labucki
VP Activities,
St. Francis Xavier University

"I've never done
anything like that
before and I
loved it." 

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