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Sensational , Entertaining, Wholesome, Community-building, Energizing, Completely Different, Laughter-filled, Orientation Event!

Playfair is the most popular new student orientation campus attraction in history. It is the Winner of the Association of Campus Activities Novelty Entertainment of the Year award. 

Playfair is a unique mix of non-competitive play which empowers event participants with a terrific sense of school spirit and leaves them feeling a part of a family, with an increased sense of personal worth.  


The excitement generated provides a useful antidote for academic apathy: hence the drop-out rate is dramatically reduced as students experience the joy of actively participating in their campus community. This orientation event in turn, sets a precedent for increased involvement in future events on campus.

With today's focus on cultural diversity and non-alcoholic programming, the spirit of Playfair leaves students naturally high - energized, excited and actively involved in their new community.


Campuses across Canada have hailed Playfair as being the campus event of the year!  It shows the students on your campus that you care about them by giving them a gift of friendship, inspiration and community that continues all
year long.  


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